Advertise on G’s Melody Cafe

Melody Cafe offers opportunities to local and national businesses for radio advertising. Radio reaches virtually everyone in many environments – at home, in the office, car or even while surfing the Internet. No matter where people are, radio is there. Current trends point toward a transition to online radio. We are at the forefront of this movement. G’s Melody Cafe will be the trailblazers in the transformation from the airwaves to the internet!

The Future of Online Radio

Smartphones have caused more and more drivers to abandon the airwaves of terrestrial radio. Listeners can now sync their phone in their car to enjoy programming when they want. Online listenership is raising while terrestrial stations suffer as a result of the technological movement.

Commercial Spots

We offer 30 second recordedd commercial spots packages during our programming. You get a minimum of 28 spots per week.

Website Banner Advertising

Banner ads are done by the number of the impression. All banner ads will run for 30 days because we don’t count impressions.